Saturday evening was a bit crazy around UofM and apparently, it was all because of balloons.

Just after 5 pm, the University sent out a “Run, Hide, Fight” alert and dispatchers told media that police were investigating a possible active shooter situation in Mason Hall on the University of Michigan campus.

Wasn’t long after, the Washtenaw County Sheriff and the university said there was no active shooter but an investigation was still underway.

Well, now thanks to WWMT, we know that the alarm was sounded all because 14 ladies in Mason Hall were popping balloons and screaming.  A few passing people heard the pops and screams and started running, that then started the alert.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) news of the alert and possible shooter spread faster than the investigation could happen or the news that it was just a group of ladies popping balloons.   Fortunately, it was a false alarm last night, or as the police should frame it, a training exercise.

source: WWMT

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