MAGIC 104.9 Presents our 2018 Radio Cares for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital Radio Broadcast. It’s a two-day event Thursday February 1st and Friday February 2nd live on location at Amplify GR located at 1480 Kalamazoo Ave SE in the heart of the Boston Square district from 10am to 3pm.

Last year, we raised close to $18,000 and we were the #1 Text-to-Donate city in America. Be a part of the movement to push the overall survival rate from 90% to 100%. It’s called becoming a Partner-in-Hope. It’s just $20 on a credit or debit card and the support you give will mean so much to children at St. Jude and their families.

Remember this number, 1-800-411-9898…1-800-411-9898…that’s 1-800-411-9898! That’s number to make your commitment to becoming a Partner-in-Hope with St. Jude. Yes, we’ll have our text-to-donate feature too so, make sure you listen out during the broadcast February 1st and 2nd, live at our Amplify GR remote studio, for the Radio Cares for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Broadcast 10am to 7pm each day on Magic 104.9!

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