Soon you may be able to get a beer in Grand Rapids, Michigan, from a vending machine or even order wine through the mail.

According to WZZM, there is a bill floating around Lansing that would make it legal for beer and wine to be sold in vending machines or be shipped directly to your house.

Representative Rodney Wakeman is a co-sponsor for the bill and said, "our state should joint the vast majority of other states that allow for this type of safe technology to provide increased flexibility for business owners and variety for consumers."

The House Bill even allows bar and restaurant owners to allow customers to be able to pour for themselves. They may want to keep an eye on this just based on how I fill up my cup at a fast food restaurant.

The vending machines and mail orders will not include mixed drinks but I wouldn't be surprised that it happens down the road.

Representative Steve Johnson said, "why should Virginia residents be able to get wine from any retailer shipped to their door but here in Michigan we cannot?"

I think those in Virginia may be saying that same thing about Michigan's recreational weed.

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