There is something weird going on with birds getting an eye infection, going blind then dying.

You would think the birds at my house are living like kings eating all the Gypsy Moth Caterpillars because they are everywhere. So far no birds are dropping around my place but I have a feeling some trees are not going to make it next year because the caterpillars have been eating all the leaves.

According to WOOD, wildlife experts have been monitoring a mysterious infection that birds have been getting in Ohio, Virginia, Delaware, Indiana, Maryland and West Virginia.

The birds have been going blind then dying after a crust forms in their eyes and wildlife experts can't figure out what it is that is causing the nervous system of the birds to shutdown.

So far ducks and hawks seem to be ok but crows and morning doves have been affected at an alarming rate.

Many birds migrate and being this close to Ohio, there is a possibility that this problem could extend into Michigan.

Reports of birds that were sick and dying began around late May when many were found dead or sick with swollen eyes that have a white crusty discharge.

Experts are asking the public to remove bird feeders to stop the spread of whatever disease is being transmitted. Also if you find a sick or dead bird, they would like you to where protective gloves and put them in some sort of container and bring to a veterinarian or area wildlife hospital.

What to look for are birds with crusty eyes that may seem injured or sick and can't fly or see.

Some think it is birds that have been eating cicadas that have been infected with pesticide's but many birds have been found with the problem in states that do not have any cicadas.

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