Did you hear about the family who eat black bear meat?

If you have not, after the family ate the meat, they contracted a brain-eating parasite.

While eating roadkill is not illegal in Michigan, make sure you know what is illegal or safe for consumption before eating anything.

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What animal meat is illegal in Michigan?

Animal Meat That Is Illegal in Michigan



It is illegal throughout the country (including Michigan) to sell or distribute horse meat.

In other words, it's only legal to eat your own horse. But, why would you want to???

Cats and Dogs


In 2018, Michigan became one of only six states to ban the killing, cooking, and consumption of dogs and cats.

WHY HAVE ONLY SIX STATES BANNED THIS? Should it not be banned in all 50 states?

The U.S. House passed legislation that outlaws the slaughter of dogs and cats for food in the country.

However, California, Georgia, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, and Michigan are the only states that specifically mention this ban in its law.

Evgeny Pestrikov

Regardless, there are clear instructions in the Michigan legislature.

Act 280 of 1965

287.579 Prohibited sales of meat; wild game animals.

"No person shall offer for sale or sell any meat or meat product unless it has been subject to meat inspection, approved by such inspection, and carcass and primal cut properly identified by mark, stamp or brand authorized by the department except that only the packages or containers of processed large wild game animals shall indicate that the meat was processed at an official establishment and labeled not for sale."

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