Chance The Rapper stays winning. After being nominated for seven Grammy awards, Chance is now set to embark on a 40-city arena tour.

Today (Feb. 2), Billboard published an in-depth interview with Chance's manager, Pat Corcoran. The article also features quotes from Chano's agent, Cara Lewis, who broke the news about the upcoming arena tour.

“Pat lives and breathes Chance, and is relentless when it comes to long-term goals," Lewis says. "Our first date paid 500 dollars. Now Chance is headlining all the major festivals and will embark on a 40-city arena tour.”

There's no word yet on which cities will be included, but this is definitely an exciting piece of news. Throughout the article, Pat the Manager also discusses how he first found out about Chance's Grammy nominations. “I texted Chance, ‘OMG six!’ And he goes, ‘Seven,’” Corcoran says. “I had no idea. I was so nervous that we were going to be overlooked. I just don’t know how those types of things work.”

Corcoran also talks about his thought process when he first signed on to manage Chance full-time. Reportedly, Corcoran told a friend at the time, “I’m going to work for Chance until we’re headlining festivals and winning Grammys - or until I get fired.” Looks like Pat the Manager made the right decision.

Chance's meteoric rise in the rap game is well-documented. Now, the 23-year-old Chicago MC is taking his career to new heights with the announcement of an arena tour. Early fans of the Save Money rapper understand how far he's come since performing at his high school's talent shows.

In other Chance-related news, it was announced today (Feb. 2) that the Coloring Book artist is also slated to perform at the 2017 Grammys on Feb. 12.

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