At a city council meeting on Monday night, many people showed up to protest the new Barking Boutique that may be opening in Grandville. This store is set to sell designer puppies for thousands of dollars.

People who showed up at the meeting are not happy about this new store because they say that the dogs being sold at the store are from puppy mills and the conditions of the dogs are not the best. Several people have reported about the puppies being sick and underweight.

City leaders passed the licence for the store owner to further progress with his store opening. According to the City Council, David Boelkes, the owner of the boutique, met all of the requirements for his store to open.

In July of last year, a Barking Boutique location opened at Woodland Mall only to have their lease terminated by the mall four days later. Before the store closed its doors, the BISSELL Pet Foundation went in undercover and purchased six of the seven remaining puppies in the store. All of those puppies were reported to have health issues.

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