A Wyoming woman's father gets attacked in a Grand Rapids nursing home then dies.

According to WZZM, Brenda Hayes said she told her 81-year-old father, Dan McBrian, that she promised she would see that justice would be served against the man who attacked him in his room at Samritas Senior Living Center.

Hayes told WZZM that her father's jaw was broken on both sides when he was punched by his roommate then never recovered and died six months later.

ZZM reports that Hayes promised her father that she would get justice for him.

After an autopsy, the coroner ruled his death as a homicide.

Hayes said, "I was devastated. After all our family went through, [Kent County Prosecutor] Chris Becker decided to drop the assault charges. As far as I know he is still running loose in Samaritas. To my knowledge they have done nothing to him."

Becker told WZZM, "Charges haven't been dropped because no charges have been filed. I am still reviewing the case."

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