Desiigner's hit song, "Timmy Turner," has just reached platinum status.

The 19 year-old's achievement is just the latest accomplishment in what is already shaping up to be a good year. Not only has he already fronted adidas Originals’ new XBYO line, but he also landed on Forbes' 30 Under 30 list.

“Timmy Turner is me,” Desiigner said of the song in an interview last year with All Def Digital.  “I was referring to myself when I was saying I ‘was wishing for a burner.’ And when I said ‘she f—in’ for BET,’ I was referring to a girl that, you know, would do anything for the fame. Then I would say in the song that I know that my soul’s in the furnace; because if I know that I wish for the burner, and she knows that she would do anything for the fame, you know you go to hell,” he continued. “It’s a storyline about little bit about my struggle and the pain I was feeling at the moment.”

Adding to his list of big feats, the rapper is also up for a Grammy this year for Best Rap Song. Desiigner burst onto the music scene just a little over a year ago with his massive hit, "Panda." No doubt, he has more up his sleeve for 2017.


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