The Grand Rapids native is showing out for his hometown!

We stan!

Denver Nuggets v Phoenix Suns - Game Six
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Next spring, our very own Devin Booker is releasing a shoe that is sending an ode to his home city.

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Devin Booker Nike Collaboration

Last year, Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker had a remarkable season.

In December, Devin announced that he would receive his first signature shoe with Nike.

Now, we can officially see what the shoe will look like since it will be released in Spring 2024 with four signature colorways. Hypebeast describes it as,

Spotted in two primarily-black colorways, both are proof-of-concept samples that showcase what to expect from the sneaker. While not a true low-top, the slick design rests just above the ankle with material tests in both shaggy suede and a mixed material composition. Its lateral Swooshes shine bright in gold while the tongue reads “BOOK” and “96” text at the heel references Booker’s birth year of 1996. Joining this exciting reveal, a model that SN notes as being referred to as the “Craftsman” — possibly a lifestyle sneaker from Booker and Nike — sees a special texture prepared that reaches from the raised mudguard to the midsole, matching the Swoosh that overlaps the mudguard and synthetic upper.


Where Is The Grand Rapids Shoutout?

It is truly a hidden gem! You have to pay close attention to see the shoutout that Booker did for his home city. Devin has a barcode stamped into the sole of the shoe.

The bar code features 001616228602.




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006 = His Jersey Number

616 = (You Guessed It) Grand Rapids

228 = Moss Point High

602 = City of Phoenix

We love to see our stars shouting out where they came from. There are so many other hidden gems within Devin's new shoe release.

Denver Nuggets v Phoenix Suns - Game Six
Getty Images

Will you be getting Devin Booker's shoe?

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