Do you believe in magic?

I'm not sure this is what the Lovin' Spoonful was referencing when they wrote their 1965 hit song. Nor is this the type of magic you'd find at Hogwarts with Harry Potter and his friends in tow.

However, there is a small town in southwest Michigan that is so magical that they hold the world title for The Magic Capital of the World, which was given to them by Congress.

Credit: lynette and tom duplain via facebook
Credit: lynette and tom duplain via facebook

Welcome to Colon, Michigan. This small town nestled in south western Michigan is located between Sturgis and Coldwater, and just a short road trip away from Kalamazoo and Battlecreek.

According to wikipedia, Colon, Michigan earned the title of Magic Capital of the world thanks to it being where famous illusionist Harry Blackstone brought his magic show to rest and practice when he wasn't traveling the country. He then later met up with magician Percy Abbot, and they formed their company Blackstone Magic, which infamously blew up a few years later.

Colon Michigan . org / H. Rick
H. Rick Bamman/

Later FAB Magic Company was formed, and still resides in the area to this day making some of the best magician props and products in America.

It's not just the home to where magic is made, it's also where magic goes after it dies. According to the Colon website, The Lakeside Cemetery is the final resting place for over 30 magicians - more than any other cemetery in the world.

Where can I find the magic in Colon?

One of the best attractions to learn more about Colon and it's history is the magic museum inside the showroom of FAB magic, which is open daily from 10a - 4pm.

ColonMichigan . org
ColonMichigan . org

They offer some great tricks and displays for any aspiring magician. If you're looking for a great time to visit, the FAB Magic Manufacturing giant flea market sale is coming up on August 5 & 6, and you can find details here.

Colon is also the home of Abbott's Magic Co., which has a halloween-esque store front. You'll want to stop by here before you visit Lakeside Cemetery, because they have a list and map of the famous magicians buried in the town cemetery that you'll want to check out.


The Lakeside Cemetery also is the final resting place for over a dozen of Magic's forefathers, so it's a great place to see history while you're visiting.

You can also join the facebook group they've created that is frequently posted in by the curator of FAB Magic Manufacturing, Rick Fisher.

Enjoy your trip, and don't forget to pick up something fun to make some magic in your every day life. This small Michigan town will have you believing in magic all over again.

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