With a dark cloud over Epic Records following sexual harassment allegations against former CEO L.A. Reid, there might be a silver lining in all of the legal wranglings. DJ Khaled is reportedly eyeing the CEO position that is now vacant.

Page Six is reporting that the Miami producer wants the gig and he’s certainly the man who can do it. “He was petitioning to get that job," said an insider. "He’s like, ‘I make more happen than anyone in the game, why would I not be considered to run the label?’"

DJ Khaled has some big shoes to fill if he gets the gig. However, they are several other top music executives looking to take over for L.A. Reid.

“Khaled is a big hype machine — not a person who’s running a record label,” a source told Page Six. “My guess is [Sony Music UK CEO] Jason Iley will run either Columbia or Epic or they will take [RCA president] Tom Corson . . . and put him at Columbia or Epic.”

Whoever this source is, DJ Khaled is far from a big hype machine. He is well-respected by both music moguls and artists alike and knows the music game. Nevertheless, Epic executives are still trying to get a grip on Reid's sexual harassment allegations. Sony CEO Rob Stringer reportedly is glad that Reid was terminated because he was such "a diva."

“The girl thing was just one more piece to the problem," said a source. "That’s been going on for decades. He doesn’t have a superstar roster to spend what he spends and be the diva that he is. Stringer wasn’t having it. He wants to put his own people in and clean a lot of baggage out.”

Either way, we hope that Epic executives can move forward and continue to cultivate great artists and great music.

Reps for Epic Records had no comment on the matter.

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