DJ Khaled recently curved a fan who requested to sit in the producer's Rolls-Royce, citing his marital status.

On Saturday night (July 16), DJ Khaled shared a video of him sitting in his car outside a venue surrounded by fans. Dozens of people have their phones out recording the hip-hop mogul as he soaks it all in while Drake's "Massive" plays from the speakers.

"They didn't believe in us, God did," DJ Khlaled tells the excited flock.

One woman is amazed by the expensive ride and seemingly asks innocently if she can join Khaled in the back seat.

"This is a cool car," she marvels. "Can I come sit with you?"

"Oh no, baby. I'm taken," DJ Khaled responds, causing the woman to blush. "Baby, I'm taken. I am taken. I'm very happy and I'm taken. Love and respect ... I'm taken ladies. But look, my album coming out."

Back on July 6, DJ Khaled announced he will be dropping his 13th album, God Did.

"I made this album for all the believers and non believers," he captioned an Instagram promo for the album earlier this month. "They didn’t believe in us…do you?"

DJ Khaled is in full promotional album mode. According to his Instagram account, it looks like he has locked in features from Rick Ross, SZA, Chris Brown, Lil WayneDrakeFuture and more. God Did is the follow-up to 2021's Khaled Khaled, which was spearheaded by the singles "Greece" featuring Drake and "Every Chance I Get" featuring Lil Baby and Lil Durk.

Watch DJ Khaled Shoot Down a Fan's Request to Sit in His Car

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