Yesterday (Feb. 8) marked one year since DMX was found unconscious and without a pulse outside a hotel in Yonkers, N.Y. As a result, the It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot MC visited a homeless nonprofit organization in Philadelphia to speak and interact with a group of about 50 men.

DMX celebrated the anniversary of his "rebirth," as he puts it, with the homeless advocacy nonprofit Ready, Willing & Able Philadelphia (RWA). RWA is a "program for second chances" focused on breaking "the cycle of homelessness, addiction and criminal recidivism." Men in the organization are given housing and full-time work as long as they stay sober, in the hopes they regain full independence.

The DMX visit was a surprise to the group. "The reason why I reached out today is the one-year anniversary of when I died for four and half minutes," DMX said. "When I speak to people I look them in their eyes, and when I look across the room, I see myself. Don't look at this as a place you don't want to be or need to be."

Throughout his speech, DMX shed tears and thanked God for both the hard times and the good times throughout his life. "God showed what he was willing to do for me," he said. It is well-documented that the "Party Up (Up in Here)" rapper has a history of battling drug addiction and other issues.

After talking to the group of 50 men, DMX stayed to play pool and eat dinner. "This is the real award. Being among real people," X stated. Many of the homeless men were thrilled to have DMX come through, as they were fans of his music in the late '90s and early '00s. You can check out videos from DMX's visit with RWA below.

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