When the state and federal governments can't afford to repair all of the damaged streets and potholes in your town, why not a pizza place?

Domino's Pizza is now taking nominations for their 'Paving for Pizza' program.  Domino's is picking cities across the country and rolling in construction crews to repair roads and fill potholes.

Michigan has some of the worst roads in the nation, so we definitely could use some help getting things fixed up.  It is your duty as a citizen of Michigan to nominate your city!  Not only because our roads are terrible, but also because we need these cool Domino's graffiti tags on our roads.

The 'Paving for Pizza' initiative has already repaired dozens of potholes in four cities. Bartonville, Texas, Milford, Deleware, Athens, Georgia, and Burbank, California are the lucky cities to get hooked up so far.

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