It's no secret that you can make extra money on Instagram by promoting products. Celebrities do it all the time. However, it sometimes may be too good to be true.

The Better Business Bureau is telling Instagram users to be on the lookout for these "phony" companies/brands that are that are reaching out to people and asking them to be "brand ambassadors." This could be anything from clothing to cosmetics. It's simple: they send you the product, you promote it (post pictures) to your followers, get paid plus exposure.

Most of the victims that have reported being scammed have either bought the item upfront & it arrived damaged or broken or had to pay for a background check. None of the victims, though, were compensated.

The BBB has tips on how to look out for a business that might actually be a scam:

  • Be cautious if you're asked for money
  • Do your research! Google the company, look them up -- make sure they're legit!
  • Familiarize yourself with what an "employment scam" looks like

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