NOTE: Let’s start off with this is a news story that’s happening… but this is a music station, not a news outlet, and I have opinions because this is discrimination and hate.  Now on with the real blog:

This makes me really proud that the drag brunch, scheduled for this weekend in Holland, sold out both shows and even sold extra tickets even after the mayor of Holland went on a local radio show to talk about how she was against the performance.

In fairness, she’s voiced those concerns quite a bit since Michigan Drag Brunch announced they were doing two drag brunch shows at the Holland Civic Center.

At first, she tried to stop it all together because she and other residents don’t believe it aligns with the city’s “Christian Values” as MLive reported.  BUT because the Holland Civic Center is a private facility, her hatred… I’m sorry, “Christian values”, had no real authority.

So the other day she went on a local Holland radio show and had this delightful interaction with listeners and the host, according to FOX 17:

“I can’t tell you how hard, how hard that is for me," De Boer said in response to a listener who called in to the radio show to express her own concerns about Michigan Drag Brunch.

The listener said Michigan Drag Brunch is a "girly show" that is "downgrading to the city of Holland." De Boer said she agrees.

Host Gary Stevens said the show makes him feel uncomfortable.

“I know," De Boer said. "There’s a whole variety of values now that we didn’t, we didn’t deal with, you know, 50 years ago.”

She then encouraged residents of the city to not support the show, so Michigan Drag Brunch wouldn’t come back – you know, low attendance numbers means it’s not profitable to be in Holland – and BOY did that backfire!

The event sold out both shows and even sold out the extra 50 tickets per show.

What I love is, while the show's host and the mayor are feeling "uncomfortable" and wants to hide anything that doesn't look just like them, the community disagreed and showed what true “Christian values” look like, by embracing everyone and selling out both shows.

By the way, each drag brunch Michigan Drag Brunch does, helps HQ, which help homeless youth in West Michigan. So “Christian values” doubled by A) not hating others that are different from you… and B) helping young people that have been abandoned by their “loving” family.  That was for everyone who didn't boycott the show, Nancy.

Thank you West Michigan for showing once again, LOVE CONQUERS HATE!

-Love Rob


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