Drake has been relatively quiet as More Life continues to break records both in streaming and in sales. But a new Drizzy song was unveiled at the Louis Vuitton Menswear Spring/Summer 2018 show at Paris Fashion Week on Thursday (June 22). The smooth and tropical “Signs,” produced by Noah “40” Shebib, sounds fantastic and is the perfect summertime anthem.

With its dancehall-inspired rhythms, steady piano stomps and gentle percussion, the song would’ve fit perfectly on More Life. On the song, Drake is the conscientious lover who doesn't want to over do it with excessive drinking and partying.

“Champagne with purpose while I’m yawning / You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning / Lord forgive me, I can’t take things slowly," he sings, adding, "Just tryna take it all off for me / Tryna stay real close to me / I gotta catch myself / I can’t play myself / I need to take it easy / Easy, easy, easy / Easy, easy, easy.”

In an interview with Vogue, Kim Jones, LV's Artistic Director of Men's Ready to Wear, explained how the Drake x LV collaborative song came about.

“Well, I sent a few pictures [from the collection] to Drake because he’s a big fan," he said. "And then he wrote a song, which is going to be the music. Which is kind of amazing! It’s really, really good - I think he’s probably releasing it as a single. Because he loved it too. It’s so nice that Drake wrote a song."

That's the only disappointing thing about this song -- it's not on available on any streaming service or digital platform. This must change immediately!

Drake's "Signs" is a summertime anthem that will do exceptionally well on urban radio and at your next outdoor barbecue party. So let's hope that Drake will release it to the public.

Enjoy the visual/song above.

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