The other day I found out there was an elephant farm in Indiana and got excited but that’s nothing compared to what was caught on video in Detroit

Twitter user @BrionnaLondon uploaded a video yesterday of a guy in Detroit, taking his kangaroo for a hop.

(@BrionnaLondon via Twitter)

We don’t know much about this guy and his kangaroo, but we know it definitely happened in Detroit because of the SnapChat filter that uses your location of your phone to pull up location filters and in the video you can see a street sign for Birchcrest Drive.

Detroit Free Press as the question that I first had… did he steal it from a zoo? I don’t know if that’s how DFP asked, but they got my question answered:

"All of our kangaroos are present and accounted for," Detroit Zoo spokeswoman Patricia Janeway said. (from Detroit Free Press)

There's no way I'd want to walk a kangaroo... you basically run behind it, while the kangaroo just takes a leisurely hop. I'll stick to an older dog who just likes to sniff everything.

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