The Pink Panther series of films features perhaps the most iconic detective in movie history. Even if Jacques Clouseau has absolutely no clue what he’s doing. He’s an oaf, but a lovable oaf who somehow manages to solve some of the world's greatest crimes. Generally, those crimes revolve around the Pink Panther. It’s a very expensive diamond with a single flaw in the center, which resembles a panther leaping. (A lot of people don’t realize the title of these movies comes from the jewel, not from the character.)

The most recent appearance of Inspector Clouseau was back in 2009. There were two films in a reboot series, starting in 2006, starring comedian Steve Martin. The first entry in this series got pretty bad reviews, but it managed to do really well at the box office, doubling its budget at the box office. Unfortunately, the sequel didn’t have the same luck as its predecessor. Instead of doubling its budget again, it barely managed to make more than what the studio spent on the film. The budget for this one was $70 million, and it only managed to bring in $76 million.


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The new film will be directed by Jeff Fowler, perhaps best known for his recent adaptations of the Sonic the Hedgehog video game franchise. The movie has been in talks for a while, and it seems like everything's coming to fruition. Not only will the movie center around Jacques Clouseau, who will likely be played by Eddie Murphy... but it’ll also feature the animated cartoon character.

The movie is still in pretty early stages of development, so it'll likely be a while before we get any more news.

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