A lot of people to this day dislike the 'Bad Boys' era of Detroit Piston championship teams. Rick Mahorn has two words for you.

"F*** them."

Mahorn uttered those words when pressed on the Dan LeBatard Show this week about the bad blood between the 'Bad Boys' and the rest of the NBA back in the late '80s and early '90s.

The 'Bad Boys' Pistons got their titles with a physical style of play that did not win over many outside of the city of Detroit. Even some Piston fans didn't like the guys on the team, Mahorn and Bill Laimbeer chiefly.

But Mahorn, when quizzed about the recent documentary, 'The Last Dance', in which members of the Chicago Bulls bad mouthed the Pistons for their rough style of play, simply said, "F*** them."

Mahorn uttered the words when Dan mentioned how he loved that Mahorn was not apologetic for their rough style of play. (CAUTION: VIDEO IS NOT BLEEPED)

The team was rough and tough and operated within the rules of the game, so I'm with Mahorn. The whining Bulls came off as a little soft and a little greedy in that documentary. They went on to win six titles, but they couldn't give the Pistons their due because they blocked them from winning two more titles? Why? Because they owned so much space in Michael Jordan's giant, over sized head? Because they left the floor early and wouldn't shake hands because they knew Michael was an egotistical jerk?

"F*** THEM!" indeed.




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