Fake news is rampant in the media now-a-days, but can you tell fact from fiction?

Below you will find three news stories, one of which is true and the other two are fake. Read the three news stories and guess which one is real.

There Is Major Controversy After A Bat Won New Zealand's Bird of the Year Contest

Pekapeka-tou-roa, also known as the long-tailed bat is native to New Zealand and is best known for its small size. Controversially, the conservationist group Forest and Bird decided to include the bat in the contest, and it went on to win by a landslide. The bat was given its debut to raise awareness of the threats they face from humans encroaching on their habitat.

Countries Around The World Reveal Unique Strategic Reserves After Canada Tapped Into Maple Syrup Reserve

The Canadian group Quebec Maple Syrup Producers recently announced it was releasing about 50 million pounds of its strategic maple syrup reserves to keep up with worldwide demand increases. After this announcement, other nations' unique national reserves were revealed. Germany holds millions of gallons of mustard in reserve, China holds hundreds of millions of pounds of rice, Japan has millions of gallons of soy sauce in reserve, and Russia stores millions of gallons of Vodka to be released if needed.

McDonald's In the United Kingdom Announce Milkshake Dipping Sauce Cups

After McDonald's realized how much customers love dipping their fries and chicken nuggets in milkshakes they have announced chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry milkshake dipping sauces. You can get 1 dipping sauce free of charge with a purchase of any size French fries and each additional sauce costs 50 cents. The new sauces will debut on January 23rd for a limited time to celebrate National Milkshake Day in the United Kingdom.

Which story do you think is real? Click here to find out.

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