Fetty Wap is pondering whether or not to sue a woman who allegedly robbed him of $250,000 after pretending to be his booking agent and skimming money off the top.

Insiders told TMZ that the New Jersey native fired his assistant Shawna Morgan from his company RGF Productions on Friday (Aug. 4) for pretending to be his booking agent and manager. Fetty claims Morgan charged additional fees to venues that booked him for shows.

Fetty alleges that she collected the money on behalf of RGF and then e-mailed on the side as Fetty’s manager and request additional fees. The rapper also claims that Morgan was skimming some of the booking money off top by lying about fees and keeping the extra money.

Morgan has denied all allegations and claims that RGF owes her $250,000 in unpaid fees. She alleges that she used her own credit card to paid for tour expenses such as hotels but was never reimbursed. As for the booking fees, she said that she charged the usual 10 percent fee, which is the industry standard. Morgan claims that she wasn’t terminated and has receipts of all her expenses.

Fetty Wap is currently consulting with his attorneys to see what type legal action he should take in this case. Morgan has also hired an attorney.

It looks like Fetty Wap is preparing himself for a legal battle.

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