Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine is off to the races in the United Kingdom today as a massive immunization program looking to vaccinate billions of people in Europe has begun.

It is interesting that a vaccine made in America gets distributed in another country first, but at the same time, we can sit back and watch and learn. Hopefully soon after we learn from the U.K. the United States approve and give the green light to vaccinations in the states.

According to WZZM, the U.K. is the first Western country to begin a mass vaccination program. U.K. health officials have been working for months to adapt a system geared toward vaccinating groups of people like school children and pregnant women into one that can rapidly reach much of the nation's population.

Just because vaccinations are beginning and soon the U.S. will begin its vaccinating it doesn't mean there will be an instant fix on our economy or kicking COVID-19's ass either. We all still need to follow the CDC guidelines on wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands and keeping areas we touch cleaned with alcohol wipes. It also would do your local restaurant some good if you order some carryout since the food industry has been hit one of the hardest.

We have a long road ahead of us while other vaccines are also being looked at and hopefully there are no side effects or distribution problems as the United States moves forward.

Britain is vaccinating people over 80 first who are already hospitalized along with nursing home workers and vaccination staff.

It will probably be one year before the vaccinations in Britain get to the entire population.

Russia approved a vaccine that was barely tested and have started vaccinating doctors, teachers and other Moscow leaders with their Sputnik V vaccine. So far no one outside of Russia seems interested in their vaccine.
People must keep in mind, these vaccines that are getting approved are still experimental and we won't know the effects of these if any until much later in the process. So even though COVID-19 is still running wild, it might be good for those who are last to be vaccinated to sit back and wait to see how the experiment turns out for others.

No one knows yet how long the vaccine will protect individuals, or if its a one time shot or becomes an annual like the flu shot. One good thing the Pfizer vaccine has, it doesn't make the patient sick.

2020 has been one of the world's worst years in history and hopefully at this time next year, things are looking a lot better and we can say COVID-19 is now behind us.

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