After what was a seemingly never-ending winter in Michigan, the weather finally has turned more spring-like bringing one of the first real thunderstorms of the season.

Along with the storms, came the photos and video to social media.

In Paw Paw, the storm cast ominous tones on the Van Buren County Courthouse in these photos shared on Facebook. Elsewhere in Paw Paw, this large shelf cloud was observed.

Jacob Peterson, a realtor in Grand Rapids, captured a series of photos that showed the storm, a rainbow and sunset all occurring in less than an hour.

Andrew Heffner, a videographer located in Cass County, captured this time lapse video, calling it the First Good Spring Thunderstorm. captured this video of the storm moving through Kalamazoo.

Of course, if you're one of the few who wished winter held on just a bit longer, there may still be some patches of snow left in some parts of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

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