A Flint rapper could be looking at 20 years in prison for allegedly paying a hitman $10,000 to murder a woman from Sterling Heights.

Clifton E. Terry III, whose stage name is Cliff Mac, is facing the following charges:

  • Conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire resulting in personal injury
  • Murder-for-hire resulting in personal injury, and
  • Using a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence.

Murder for Hire Plot

Prosecutors say the 31-year-old Flint rapper solicited Andre Sims from Grand Rapids to kill a woman in November of 2020. According to the Detroit News, Sims drove to the woman's home and fired up to eight shots at her as she approached her vehicle.

The woman was injured but was not killed in the incident. The incident was captured on video. Please note that the video embedded below is difficult to watch.

After the attempted murder, Terry allegedly picked up the hitman at a nearby apartment complex. He then agreed to pay Sims the sum of $2,500 for the unsuccessful murder attempt.

Prior Charges

The Flint rapper has a lengthy criminal history. Unrelated to the murder-for-hire plot, Terry has also been charged in connection with the 2021 death of Devaroe Davis.

If convicted in the plot to kill the woman from Sterling Heights, Terry could face up to 20 years in federal prison and up to life in prison on the firearm charge.

A grand jury had previously indicted Andre Sims in March of this year for his role in the murder-for-hire plot.

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