Frank Ocean is a ubiquitous name in music, but perhaps his long gaps in between album releases means he's not quite a household name yet. The "Forrest Gump" vocalist was a question on Jeopardy! this week, being placed in the 'Bad' Media category of the game show's board, and nobody could get the answer right.

Host Alex Trebek revealed the answer to the category, being that contestants must respond correctly with the question to earn the $2,000 that the Blond artist's answer was actually worth.

"On this song from Channel Orange, Frank Ocean sings to a cab driver of his unrequited love for a man," Trebek stated to contestants.

Unfortunately, all three of the contestants were completely stumped on the answer, with the correct question response being, "What is 'Bad Religion'?" The song comes off of the singer's 2012 debut album, Channel Orange.

While the contestants didn't seem to be too knowledgable about Ocean and his discography, some fans were still outraged to see them become stumped by the answer. While a few claimed they were screaming at their televisions, other fans expressed their disappointment over the contestants' lack of Frank trivia knowledge.

Just a few days ago, the Grammy Award-winning singer performed live for the first time since 2014 at Denmark's Northside Festival. This was a huge deal for his supporters, being that he's already cancelled multiple festival dates this summer.

This isn't the only time Frank's been featured on the gameshow either. Last year he was on it as well.

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