Last year when the pandemic hit there was a lot of controversy surrounding Gretchen Whitmer and the mandates she put in place. Amidst the controversy, a Detroit rapper by the name of Gmaccash came out and added some lighthearted fun to the mix with his catchy Big Gretch track. Now, the dude is back he may have made the funniest song of 2021.

By now we’ve all seen this random milk crate challenge that has been popping up. Where people try to climb a triangle of stacked milk crates then end up taking dangerous looking falls to the ground. Well Gmac is back with his #CrateChallenge track and I’m challenging you not to laugh and cry at this song.
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There are two parts of this that legitimately made me laugh my ass off.
When you get to the middle that’s just when you can’t panic cause yer' ass goin down like the f----n Titanic/ You can do it in the streets or you can do it in the grass, f--- around and get the Sonic coins knocked out of yo ass.
Bro, that almost ended me.
Seen a (dude) clear that b----- while he was rollin up a blunt/ Man where the f--- y’all even get these f----n crates from?
So amazing. Thanks you for coming clutch again Gmac. This may be your best one yet. Enjoy.

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