Before you head out to vote, August 4th in the Primary election in Grand Rapids, you should know a few polling locations have been changed around the city.

WOODTV noted the following polling location changes,

  • Precinct 20 — St. Paul’s Anglican Catholic Church (formerly Covenant Living) at 2560 Lake Michigan Drive NW.

  • Precinct 21 — Highland Hills Baptist Church (Westview church on Leonard Street is under construction – temporary change) at 1415 Northrup Ave. NW.

  • Precinct 23 — Unity Church of Grand Rapids (formerly West Catholic High School – permanent change) at 1711 Walker Ave. NW.

  • Precinct 36 — Yankee Clipper Library (formerly Pilgrim Manor – temporary change) at 2025 Leonard St. NE.

  • Precinct 61 — Calvin Christian Reformed Church (formerly Clark Retirement Home – temporary change) at 700 Ethel Ave. SE.

WOODTV says all 76 precincts will be open for voting from 7 am to 8 pm with stickers on the ground promoting social distancing, hand sanitizer on hand for voters and workers and polling workers will also be disinfecting high touchpoint areas frequently.  Workers will also be given gloves, face shields, and masks, for their safety as well.

The primary election on August 4th is just where you mark Democrat or Republican.  Make sure you're registered to vote and if you want to vote absentee, you can make sure you can HERE.

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