Grand Rapids, Michigan, is known around the country at Beer City USA but for 23 years it has also been known as Tree City USA.

You always hear about those nominations for best beer city or best place to live in magazines like USA Today. Grand Rapids has also cultivated another title for planting trees in the city and has received the Tree City USA award.

The city plants a large number of trees each year and that is why the city has earned the Tree City USA award 23 years straight. Last year city of GR put around 1400 trees in the ground and it looks like the city has plans for 1400 more for 2021.

According to WOOD, the superintendent for Grand Rapids Joe Sulak said, "the city has a tree canopy goal of 40%. Meaning that if you were to look at the city from the sky, we want to have at least 40% of the city covered with trees."

If you live in the GR, you don't have to wait for the city to plant a tree near your home, feel free to pick a special tree for your yard. If you have little kids, this could be a great learning opportunity and a chance for you and your family to create a memory together.

My boys and I planted trees at out old home in Indiana and since returning to Michigan, we have planted 3 trees, 3 bushes and numerous amounts of flowers and this spring we will plant 3 more trees along with some more bushes and flowers.

Trees make the city and your home look amazing and help keep the air fresh and provide shade and beauty.

Grand Rapids hopes to reach their goal of 40% of the city covered in trees by 2025.

Who ever plants the trees, bushes and flowers around GR does a great job. I get ideas for my own home just walking around downtown looking at the trees and flowers neatly planted around the city.

When we get a lot of rain, trees help us by taking a big drink, they help clean out pollutants in our air and give us clean air to breathe.

Plant a tree, it helps everyone.

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