Rob Sparks/Townsquare Media
Rob Sparks/Townsquare Media

I’m so excited to come across this gem on MLive, especially since the dinosaur above sits in my office and you can’t just “throw it away” anymore.

According to the MLive story, for a limited time (that means don’t delay) Grand Rapids residents can take their old tube televisions – technically called cathode ray tube or CRT televisions – and computer monitors to Advanced Technology Recycling (ATR) in Wyoming and drop them off FOR FREE!

If you’ve tried taking those TVs or monitors to Goodwill or other recycling places, they either won’t take it or charge you, but right now ATR is recycling these old electronics through a program required by law which pays certain facilities to help with the recycle program.  Basically, it’s like when the car companies did Cash for Clunkers to get all the old cars off the road.

Here’s the deal and why you shouldn’t wait, the funding for these FREE recycling programs is starting to run out since it’s been about 10 years since companies made those televisions and monitors, and those companies are who pays for the recycling.

If you’re wondering why you can’t just throw the televisions in the trash or why YOU have to pay to get rid of them, it’s because a few years back the EPA deemed those electronics “hazardous waste” because of the lead on the glass and metals that were once used to make the electronics.

Advanced Technology Recycling says they have funding for recycling program through September 30th, but as we’ve all learned the hard way at one time or another, if you wait, you may lose out on this deal.

ATR’s Grand Rapids facility is located at 3714 Jefferson Ave SE in Wyoming and is open Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm.

Before you go, there is a list of what items they will take and won’t… get that list HERE

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