Last year we awarded two stellar local youth artists with $1049.00 to help further their music career. But, it was more than just getting paid. All artists got connected with mentors for their music and putting together a demo. So, your next. We are supporting the music scene in Grand Rapids and the youth have the power. So, if you are Middle School to College Freshman, sign up and take the pledge and get connected to the growing community of young artists passionate about music and the community.

Magic 104.9’s Gr Summer Project Is free! Empower your voice to be heard. Individuals or teams sign up now for FREE! Connect with concerts , experiences and the opportunity to share your project , highlight your organization’s work and meet other leaders right here in community.

Youth Programs , churches, friends , families  take the Gr Summer Project Challenge. Go to, to sign up. Magic 104.9 will be highlighting your students , team and impact. Producing  a 3-5 minute video on your organization!  Meet the students and  connect your story with the project. Our community will vote and the Winning project will win $1049.00. Presentations and team performances will happen 7/20 at HOME in the BOB.

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