Well, I guess I can put away my magic markers, because I may not need to run for Grand Rapids mayor in 2020.

A couple weeks back, news came out that the Grand Rapids’ officials were looking into extending the weekday hours and adding weekends hours to the meters and paid parking around Grand Rapids.

People were a bit outraged and apparently spoke up. And by that I mean I talked about it a few times and told people to contact the city council.  It worked by the fact they aren't going to do it any more.     I mean if you read the release from the city, City Manager Mark Washington says he’s holding off on any changes until we see what’s needed and what’s working, but I read between the lines, "we heard you, Rob."

Here’s his official comments,

“Given the number of changes over this period, we need to pause and evaluate these efforts before initiating additional changes. I want to be very thoughtful and deliberate about our mobility strategies as we contemplate future solutions to meet the mobility and transportation needs of our growing community.”

I’m glad they decided to pump the brakes (pun intended) on the rate increase on parking.  We already struggle with needing more parking downtown, so letting us keep the little victory of free street side parking on nights and weekends when we explore the city is very nice.

The changes Mark Washington was talking about are 5 programs Mobile GR and Parking Services recently started or updated including the rebranding of DASH and MOTU for street parking.


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