The old saying "Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers" normally applies if you find a dollar on the ground but what would you do if you found $2,100?

Ryan Reid took to the Grand Rapids Informed Facebook Page trying to reunite money he found with its rightful owner. Here is what he posted.

FOUND - $2,100. Is anyone missing their rent money? I found an envelope with $2,100 in cash with a name written in the front. If you can message me the name you wrote on the front and the color and design on the envelope (it's not white and has a unique pattern) I'll happily drop it off at your home. If you're not missing any money please ask your friends and family if they are. I can't imagine how worried the person must be! Please help me re-unite this money with their owner!

West Michigan is inspired and impressed with Ryan doing the right thing

Gerado S said

"Bro, God bless you!
You're the type of people we need in this world. I really hope you find the person that lost his/her money. Could be rent, mortgage, or even their money for their medications."
Krystal Young said
"Faith restored in humanity"
Annette Cochrane said
"What a wonderful thing to do"

Some other people think they might know who the money belongs to

Jussayin Kiryna said

"Reach out to Luke V. Saw someone commented his posting that was posted 6 days ago and it seems to be this envelope may be his !"
I've reached out to Ryan Reid to see if a successful reunion has been made and at the time of this post have not heard back yet. Hopefully, that's because he found the money's owner and is dropping it off.

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