Wednesday morning on ‘The View’, they have a segment where they honor someone going above and beyond.  This week they honored a choir teacher from Grandville Middle School because she’s gone above and beyond to make sure her students can still participate in choir.

Rachel Niewiada, teaches choir at Grandville Middle School and talked with the ladies of ‘The View’ about how this year has really spread teachers thin with limited resources and not having national leadership with how to safely hold school across the board, so everyone has been doing their best to make it work.

The ladies honored the changes that Rachel made so that her classes could still happen. She told them that Choir is an outlet for students and she wanted to make sure they still had that outlet and could express themselves even in a pandemic. She researched an aerosol study from Colorado University about steps needed to be taken specifically for performing arts so she could enact those safety measures in her school and keep her students safe.

Probably the most touching part of her appearance on 'The View' is when they let her students tell you and her, how great her class is, and why they love being in her class. A lot of talk about how she works hard to make all her students feel included and how she’s personally helped them.  There are definitely tears shed, both from the students and as I watched the video.

Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken then honored Rachel with a performance of Silent Night/Joy to the Wold, which included her class also joining in the virtual performance.

Such a cool moment for an obvious very special teacher at Grandville Middle School. Rachel, I’m glad we all got to enjoy this moment with you!


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