Apparently West Michigan is the best place to grow cabbage… more specifically, Greenville, Mi is a good cabbage growing area.  How do I know? Because a 4th grader just won $1,000 for being the best grower of cabbage in the state.

His name is Brendan Furtaw, he’s a fourth grader at Baldwin Heights Elementary and as WZZM 13 reports, he competed against hundreds of other students to see who grew the best cabbage.

Right now you’re wondering how does one go about getting in this cabbage competition, right?

Well according to WZZM13, it’s put on by Bonnie Plants and each year they send around cabbages statewide to schools for a third-grade project. Teacher’s in each school pick one student per class with the best cabbage to submit to the statewide competition, where the winner gets $1,000.  Quite the buy-in to stay interested in future Coleslaw.

Brendan’s teacher in Baldwin Heights Elementary helped her class grow their cabbage throughout the summer and submitted Brendan’s over 23 pound head of cabbage.  She also told WZZM13 that his brother a couple of years back had a pretty heavy cabbage head too.

When WZZM 13 asked Brendan what’s the secret, his answer was pretty simple:

"Make sure nothing eats it. 'Cause a lot of people in my class had their cabbages eaten."


Solid advice Brendan, and my worry any time I bring food to work, “make sure nothing eats it.”

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