Count day is the day each year school officials beg for all the students to come to school because that day's headcount goes to the state for each district's budgeting. Technically there are some exceptions that count, but that's the basic idea of count day.  Now moving on...

This year Grand Rapids Public Schools released a statement celebrating its best count day in 20 years. According to their press release, district officials say they had a 20-person increase from last fall of last year and a 214-student increase above their budgeted projections.  That means the school district will see a $1.7 million increase.

Brookside Elementary had the best count day in the district, but officials say other schools saw an increase in counts as well. They say its both new and returning students as well as their theme schools that are helping to increase numbers.

Superintendent Ron Gorman told WZZM 13,

"GRPS is proud to announce that we had our second-best Count Day in two decades -- increasing enrollment by 20 students over last fall and 214 students over budget projections. The energy, excitement, and momentum continues to grow as more and more parents are learning about all the great school choices we have to offer at GRPS.”

WZZM also reports that the school district hopes to use the increase in funding to attract and retain the best teachers in Michigan.

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