I don't know about you, but when I see a celebrity in person I freak out a little inside. After I compose myself I try and muster up the courage to approach them and see if I can get a picture.

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Over the weekend Gwen Stefani was spotted at Sam's Pizza in Midland. The staff wasn't sure it was really her until they spotted her necklace and knew it had to be her.

Gwen Stefani Spotted At Sam's Pizza In Midland

Gwen Stefani a coach on The Voice, solo artist, and lead singer of the band No Doubt was spotted at Sam's Pizza in Midland on Saturday, August 13th.

What Did Gwen Stefani Order?

Credit: Sam's Pizza via Facebook
Credit: Sam's Pizza via Facebook

According to Ashley Brandt of Sam's Pizza, Gwen ordered drinks and a small cheese pizza for her son who was with her.

How Did Ashley Brandt Know It Was Gwen Stefani?

Credit: Ashley Brandt via Facebook
Credit: Ashley Brandt via Facebook

Ashley told ourmidland.com that she wasn't sure if it was really Gwen Stefani or an imposter until she saw her necklaces which read “Stefani” and “Shelton” that's when her suspicions were confirmed.

Where Is Pizza Sam's Located?

Pizza Sam's is located at 102 W. Main Street in Downtown Midland, MI

What Was Gwen Stefani Doing In Midland?

She was in Midland to support her husband Blake Shelton who had a show that night at Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort in Mt. Pleasant.

If I ever got the chance to meet Gwen Stefani I would thank her for teaching me and my friends how to spell the word Banana.

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