STOP!  This is a scam.  I know, “but they used Kohl’s logo!”, but it’s still a scam.  Kohl’s is not giving away coupons worth $75 off and purchase of $80 or more.

Kohl's Giveaway Club via Facebook
Kohl's Giveaway Club via Facebook

Why do they do this?  Scammers are hoping you’ll click on the web link in the post, where they will then ask you a few questions, telling you "it’s to claim your coupon," but in reality, they’re stealing info from you!

By sharing it on Facebook like the post asks, you’re going to give permission to the scammers to start mining all your Facebook info, which then they sell to others.  Those people then send you spam messages or calls if your number is publically connected to your account.  They can even start using all your personal info to create fake identities.

Plain and simple, if you want a great coupon to a store or business, then like THEIR business page.

IF a store is going to do a coupon giveaway, they’ll do it on their page… and usually, they’ll make your go to their website (in the case: rather than to print off the coupon. Most businesses need your web traffic too, so they’re not going to put something that will go viral and everyone wants, on someone else’s website.

Now share this with your aunt who keeps sending you the post in the first place.

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