If one were to look at the global business that hip-hop has become, it'd be hard to argue against the fact that rhyme pays. But there have also been more than a few instances in which we've been reminded that crime mostly doesn't, at least for the long haul.

Over the years, the hip-hop community has become entangled with the justice system on a countless number of occasions, leading to the arrest and, in a number of cases, convictions of some of rap's brightest stars.

Slick Rick, 2Pac, Shyne, C Murder, Gucci Mane, Lil Boosie, Kevin Gates, Bobby Shmurda and Meek Mill are just a few artists to find themselves behind bars instead of delivering them on wax, an unfortunate reality that can alter the careers and affect the livelihoods of the artists.

While many of these cases get front-page coverage within hip-hop media and dominate the larger cultural conversation, there have also been multiple times where a criminal trial that is not directly connected to hip-hop gets the attention of the fans and the media alike.

Whether it be due to the popularity of the person involved or the sheer magnitude of the alleged transgression, these court cases are looked upon and followed with a watchful eye, resulting in constant updates to keep the public informed on the latest occurrences.

From O.J. Simpson to Ron Isley, The Boombox takes a look back at some of the most notorious convictions outside of rap that piqued the interest of the hip-hop community.

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