Include Paul Ryan in those late to the dab by a year-plus, the Speaker of the House hitting the once trendy pose Thursday night (Jan. 12) during a CNN town hall discussion. Ryan made headlines earlier this month when he discouraged a teen from dabbing in a photograph meant to capture his father's swearing in ceremony. The kid hit the pose and holds it for a moment, Ryan looking at him with confusion before moving the boy's elbow down himself.

In the town hall discussion, Ryan was asked which social media comments most amused or bothered him. "You know, I actually do know what a dab is, ok? Just for the record" Ryan says, then putting his knowledge on display. He explains that to him, the kid in question wasn't actually dabbing or hitting the motion in a clear enough way, Ryan a lost member of the Migos, apparently.  "He wasn't doing a dab, by the way. It looked like he was sneezing...that's not dabbing in my opinion. Cam Newton dabs," he says in the above clip.

It's all pretty cringe-worthy, with dabbing having jumped the shark many months ago. During the discussion as well, Ryan was asked about the Affordable Health Care Act, which he seeks to repeal, by a cancer-patient who credits the program with his survival, a clip of the exchange making the rounds Friday morning.

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