As Mackinac island opens up and people start heading to the popular summer destination this year there’s a new fun way to get to the island with the Star Line Mackinac Island ferry.
Starline Hydro-Jet Ferry has announced, new this year, you can ride the Good Fortune pirate ship to and from the island. Starting June 19 through September 6 they’ll make 5 daily trips to and from the island. During the pirate ship tours, they'll also fire water cannons, a favorite for the kids - right, only the kids. lol
ABC 7 says they’ll also be doing a night time pirate ship cruise under the Mackinac bridge, and will include a bar for guests.  The ferry company also says on their website that they are down for you dressing like Jack Sparrow before jumping on the boat! So, ahoy matey!
Heads up, the Good Fortune pirate ship only leaves from Mackinaw City to Mackinac Island, just so you go to the right location.  Get schedules, more info, and tickets HERE


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