We love a good hot air balloon in the Grand Rapids area.

One of the best times to see hot air balloons in all of their glory is during Hudsonville Balloon Days!

Do you know about Hudsonville Balloon Days?

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What Are Hudsonville Balloon Days?

Held in Hudsonville (duh!), Hudsonville Balloon Days is a free community hot-air ballooning event that typically happens for two days in the middle of June!

Last year, the event happened at Unity Christian High School with over 20 hot air balloons that took flight.

Besides the hot air balloons, there is plenty of family fun to experience. Tons of live music, craft stations, and fun activities happen simultaneously.

Take a peek at all of the fun that happened in 2023.

Last year, families could bring kites to fly with the pilots and crews. No details on if that is still happening this year but there is a good chance.

When Are The Hudsonville Balloon Days For 2024?

In a Facebook post, the Hudsonville Balloon Days organizers announced that this year's festivities will be taking place from June 21st through June 23rd!

These announced dates are because of the location move to the Hudsonville Fairgrounds.

However, that is the extent of the major changes!

The Hudsonville Balloon Days event will still be free with $10 for parking.

As of publication date, that is all of the information we have on the upcoming Hudsonville Balloon Days event.

Once more details are given, we will inform you.

Will you be attending this year's Hudsonville Balloon Days?

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