Local shelters and rescues are overflowing with kittens, many unable to take in additional animals who need help. Not only are loving adopters needed but also food to care for the many little ones.

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The Humane Society of West Michigan has put out the urgent call for food to feed the 300 kittens in their care.

They say each little one eats 2-3 cans of wet food today, and they are down to almost nothing.

To donate food, you can visit the Humane Society of West Michigan in person. They have a donation bin at their location at 3077 Wilson Drive NW 49534 . Items can can also be mailed to that address.

The Humane Society also has wishlists on Amazon and Chewy.

As I said, many of the Grand Rapids-area rescues and shelters I support and follow on social media have shared similar concerns - there are SO many cats and kittens in need of homes and shelters in need of support.

In June WZZM-13 reported that many local shelters at capacity. At the start of the pandemic, adoptions were up - now shelters and rescues say intake is up and applications have gone way down.

My own cats, Emmett and Ezra, are brothers who were rescued by Country Cat Lady in Wayland. As of June 28, they have been closed for intake due to the more than 100 cats and kittens in their care. You can help in multiple ways by adopting, volunteering and donating.

Additional West Michigan rescues that have adoptable kittens and could also use support are:

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