Have you ever seen a wedding bouquet that was so beautiful that you just wanted to eat it up? If so, you and this deer have something in common.

On Monday, Laurenda Marie Photography posted some photos from a wedding that she had recently photographed in West Michigan. The bride and groom - Morgan and Luke - wanted some photos taken together in a field near a fence. Little did they know that they would encounter and curious (and hungry) photobomber.

Laurenda was able to capture a series of photos showing the deer walking up to the couple, and then deciding to go in for a little snack. The progression of the expressions on the bride's face is priceless! (In case you're curious, that delicious looking bouquet was made by Melissa Anne Floral Co.)

Congratulations, to Morgan and Luke! You'll definitely have a fun wedding day story to tell people for years to come.

This isn't the first friendly, photoboming deer we've seen or heard of this summer. Several folks from West Michigan have posted photos of the Saugatuck deer, and that one also photobombed a couple's special moment.

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