Did something happen to us over the winter? Now that the weather has warmed up and people have emerged from their winter cocoon, there's a trend that's got me worried and bugs the hell out of me.

The last couple weeks I’ve seen more people just randomly try to dart across the street, not in a crosswalk, or just walk down the street disregarding the sidewalk all together.

There were the two ladies just walking down Ottawa to 20 Monroe Live the other night, forget the fact there’s a great sidewalk there. Or, the three guys and a girl that just walked across the crosswalk at Monroe and Louis even though the light was green for people on Monroe (we don’t have to stop, jerks… I mean we do, but THIS isn’t going to become a thing.)

And let’s not forget about Sunday afternoon on the way home, I was going west along Leonard toward Alpine when a guy on a bicycle just popped off the sidewalk (which he wasn’t supposed to be on) right into the street and almost got taken out by a bus.

I just don’t understand what has happened to us… we’re acting worse than last year when Pokemon Go was so popular.

So this is my casual reminder to stay out of the road. You never have a reason to walk down the middle of the road, especially when there are sidewalks. Bikes stay in the roadway, along the side and you cross at crosswalk or AT LEAST make sure there aren’t any cars within striking distance as you cross.

I don’t want to hit anyone, which would be a horrible thing; but seriously, let’s act like we know how to walk around traffic. It’s not ArtPrize yet.

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