A question by a psychology professor was the catalyst for two sets of identical twins to meet at GVSU. This weekend they'll both be getting married.

Identical twin studies are the backbone of a lot of psychology studies, so it was a fairly common question for a GVSU professor to ask if there were any identical twins in his class. Two people raised their hand, Kassie Bevier and Nick Lewan. They both admitted they were kind of surprised to find another twin in class, so they started a conversation about what it's like to grow up with another person who looks like you.

That conversation led to dates, to love, and eventually introducing their twins to each other. Krissie and Zack, their identical twin sister and brother, respectfully, then also fell in love, and this weekend, two weddings will happen in Grass Lake, MI.

Kassie and Nick will marry on Friday, followed by Zack and Kassie on Saturday.

The story has gained steam, and what started as just a Michigan love story has gone nationwide with the twins appearance on Thursday's Today Show.

Zack admitted on the show, the minute he saw Krissie, he was in love, even if it what was his brother's girlfriend's twin sister.

“It was definitely a love-at-first-sight kind of thing,” Zack said on "Today." “I was so excited to possibly pursue Krissie, just, you know, trying to find someone with a good head on their shoulders and really good values.”

The story prompted a bit of debate on this morning's show.


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