A class action lawsuit about price-fixing of milk, has lead to a pay out. To be eligible you have to have purchased milk or milk products while in Michigan within the past 14 years. No proof of purchase required to be eligible.

Here are the details on how to get reimbursed.

Milk Prices Set To Rise Sharply
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You are eligible for this class action suit if you have, since 2003, purchased milk or other milk products (i.e. half & half, cream cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese, etc.) when you were a resident of Michigan or several other states including:

    • Arizona
    • California
    • District of Columbia
    • Kansas
    • Massachusetts
    • Missouri
    • Nebraska
    • Nevada
    • New Hampshire
    • Oregon
    • South Dakota
    • Tennessee
    • Vermont
    • West Virginia
    • Wisconsin

The only real caveat there is that you have to have purchased the products from a grocery store or other retailer, but not from a farmer or dairy directly. The products must not have been purchased for resale.

Oh ... so what happened?

Well, the National Milk Producers Federation aka Cooperatives Working Together (CWT), the Dairy Farmers of America Inc., Land O'Lakes Inc., Diarylea Cooperative Inc., and Agri-Mark Inc. agreed to settle the lawsuit after they were accused of conspiring to fix the prices of some dairy products.

The evidence presented accuses the dairy farmers participating in the alleged antitrust conspiracy with CWT by engaging in the premature slaughtering of the dairy cows in their herds and, as of Apr. 1, 2009 by reducing herds they were able to maintaining higher product prices. The defendants deny the allegations but have decided to settle to avoid a trial.

How much should you expect to get back? Well, the Detroit Free Press says

While the payment amounts will vary depending on the number of products and the number of submitted claims, a website for the settlements says consumers may receive up to $70.

Hey, that's better than a stick in the eye!

Deadline to sign up is Jan 31, 2017. So get on it quick here.

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