Another credit card skimmer has been found in Grand Rapids.

WOOD-TV reports that the Mobil Gas Station on 248 Cherry St. SW discovered a skimmer device on one of their gas pumps.

Google Street View
Google Street View

The skimmer is hidden on the inside so it's not noticeable. It's designed to steal your information once you insert your card at the pump. You're probably wondering how people get away with installing these. WOOD-TV says that the culprits usually put them in the pump that's furthest away from the store. That way a clerk or anyone inside doesn't notice.

This isn't anything new for West Michigan or the state in general. Last year, it was reported that over 70 skimmers were found and removed from pumps across Michigan.

To avoid being a victim of a credit card skimmer you can do the following:

  • Pay inside the store to be on the safe side
  • Look for a red security seal on the door of the pump. If it's been messed with it will say "VOID" or change color.
  • Regularly check your bank statements.

Lifewire also has other useful tips you can read about here.

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