President Obama's time in office is coming to a close, and one Ionia County business decided to celebrate that fact by displaying profanity on its roadside sign.

Thursday the sign at I-96 Towing and Repair Tread, "Only a few more days and that a--hole will be out of the White House."

Ben Lichtenwalner's colleague drove past the sign and sent him a video of it. Lichtenwalner couldn't believe it, and posted the video to YouTube.

WOOD-TV8 reports that they drove by the business a few days later, and a similar message (including the expletive) was displayed.

WOOD also contacted the Ionia County sheriff, who told them that while some may see the sign as offensive, it's not illegal in any way.

In his description on YouTube, Lichtenwalner expressed his issue with the sign, saying:

Children see this sign for goodness sake. How unprofessional and unethical - regardless of your political affiliation.

The business has not commented on the sign or whether or not they will remove the message.

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